About Us

Bouncing Bonanza is a family run Bounce House Business that got its start in the spring of 2016 by Randy Whetton out of Plain City, Utah. We pride ourselves on our customer service and our desire to provide hours of fun, and years of memories. All of our Inflatables are clean and in good repair, they are commercial grade vinyl build to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

After doing research for about a year on everything “Bounce house” we heard word of someone selling two inflatable units. I went and looked at the units and decided it was now or never, and the rest is history.

Operating Bouncing Bonanza has been very enjoyable for us. What better business to own than one that makes people happy. I love seeing the kids anticipation as we set up the unit in their backyard. Their eagerness and excitement are contagious and very rewarding. I love coming back to pick up the unit and talking to the parents as they tell about how much fun the kids had and how tired they are from playing all day. What we want to give to people who rent from us is something unique, something that will make a memory. We are constantly searching for ways to improve the experience. We are looking forward to many more years of providing great unique memories for all who work with us.

We want to provide a fast and easy way for families to book an inflatable unit for their next family party, to that end we have tried to put together the fastest and most hassle-free way to book your next unforgettable summer event, as we learn and grow we continually find ways to improve, and we love to hear your input.

Bringing enjoyment to families has been our driving force, we love knowing that our inflatable units bring family and friends together with a fun and unique form of entertainment that you and the kids will remember for years to come.

“The best part of this job is coming back to pick up the inflatable units and seeing the smiles on the parents faces as they explain just how much fun their kids had, I love knowing that I could help bring that kind of joy to life.”
- Randy (owner)

Our most popular inflatables are our Combo units. By combining a regular bounce house with a slide exit out the side you get an extremely fun and entertaining inflatable. Our two combo units differ slighting giving even more diversity of play. Our single slide combo has a large slide with a canopy slide cover and a small hoop for Bounce house basketball fun. The Double slide combo has two slides exiting the bounce house for double the fun and has two vinyl obstacle style columns inside the bounce house that are put to good use.


Phone: 801-920-4799

Email: randy@bouncingbonanza.com

If you have any questions about an item or reservation or anything else, please feel free to contact us!